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Total distribution service
Suggestion on distribution as a total
Our world wide transportation service provides our customers with the total coverage of distribution, land, sea, air transport from the starting point to the transportation service at the destination by utilizing networks of Marubeni and Kamigumi. We not only provide transportation services but also the documentation on export, packing and custom clearance, and any other related works such as installations within Thailand other destination. We also provide real time information to add extra value to our service. As for the heavy equipment transportation, utilizing our specialty, we provide installation and machine building services. And we not only handle land transportation but sea as well, and provide you with fast and accurate services regardless of domestic or international.
Machine, facility, loading off, installation
At our Machinery Facilities Division in Thai Logistic Service, we send our own engineers for all process such as transporting facilities, container unloading, unpacking, delivery and installing, assembling, adjustment supporting, piping (gas, water, air oil pressure valve) electricity lining (primary / secondary) construction and etc.
*Our Japanese engineer will talk with you in details before hand concerning the construction area.
*All of our locally hired engineers are long and highly experienced professio
Line facility assembly and adjusting
We also help our customers on lay-out to leveling huge but need to be accurate equipments, lining restoration, power line construction and test running. Our attentive A to Z service is well accepted by many companies, including Japanese companies.

*We also sell "Jig" and "Wheel conveyors" on order made basis. Please contact us for detail.

Extremely heavy objects
As for the handling of extremely heavy equipments, that are highly dangerous and is necessary to work with highly skilled workers with excellent team work, as so done in Japan. This is the issue that many experienced customers are most concerned with. At our Thai Logistics, you have nothing to worry about, under the supervision of experienced Japanese engineers, we select the construction equipments well as designing of the hang JIG and preparation of laying wires.

*In case of unusual heavy equipments, that cannot be handled with regular hang JIG, may be charged extra charge after estimation.

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